Social Media & Divorce

social media facebook divorceSocial media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are in some ways an outlet for many individuals going through a divorce. Many people may be eager to get back into the flow of their social life as a single person, but social media use comes with many risks. See below for a short list of considerations on the topic.

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No Default Judgments in Divorce

The Tenth District Court of Appeals recently reaffirmed its position that there is no such thing as a “default judgment” in a divorce case. In the case Wood v. Hein, 2014-Ohio-5564, the court scheduled an uncontested divorce hearing after the husband failed to answer the complaint for divorce or otherwise appear. However, the husband showed up … Read moreNo Default Judgments in Divorce

Unvested Military Retirement Benefits Are a Marital Asset

In March 2014, the Supreme Court of Ohio decided that unvested military retirement benefits earned during the marriage fall within the definition of marital property and are subject to division in a divorce. In the case Daniel v. Daniel, 139 Ohio St.3d 275, 2014-Ohio-1161, the Ohio Supreme Court held that despite the uncertain nature of this asset, it does have a value that should be divided.

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