What is a Guardian ad Litem?

A Guardian ad Litem (often referred to as a “GAL”) is appointed by the domestic or juvenile Court to represent the best interest of the child(ren) in a custody case.  To become a GAL, one must fulfill certain requisites, such as special training, and in most counties a GAL must be an attorney.

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Parental Relocation

When one parent wishes to relocate whether with or without the child, it creates an issue regarding parenting time and potentially custody. This can be one of the most difficult issues faced in family law. This is due to the risk of loss or damage to a relationship between the child and the parent who will be living long distance.

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Interviewing Children in Custody Cases

When dealing with custody disputes, there is often a concern as to whether or not the Court will speak to the children.  Below are the answers to a few common questions regarding the appearance of children in custody cases.  If you have further questions or are looking for help with custody issues, call our office at (614) 567-3031 to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced and skilled custody attorney.

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Can My Child Choose Which Parent to Live With?

child choose parent live custody legal advice columbus ohio attorneyAs family law attorneys, we are often asked, “Can my child choose which parent to live with?” Or “At what age can my child choose which parent to live with?” The short answer is there is no such age. Under Ohio law, a child’s desire is just one of several factors to be considered by the Court in determining custody and parenting time. And the child’s age and maturity will determine how heavily to weigh that one factor. The question then becomes how to best present a child’s wishes to the Court.

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The Military & Your Family Law Case

Family law issues can be made more complex when one or both parties are a member of the military.  Due to special laws and considerations, you will want to consult an attorney experienced in military cases. Each branch of the armed forces has special regulations regarding the minimum financial responsibility to a service member’s spouse … Read moreThe Military & Your Family Law Case

Temporary Orders

Temporary Orders are issued by the Court and direct the parties regarding custody, parenting time, child support, spousal support, and the payment of obligations and debts during the pendency of the case. Temporary Orders control these issues until the case is either settled or a final decision is issued. It is important you provide the Court with the proper information and documentation to allow the Court to make an educated decision.  Given the importance of Temporary Orders and the various ways they are handled from county to county, you should seriously consider seeking legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to assist you.

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Rights of Unwed Fathers

In Ohio, when a child is born to married parents the father has equal rights.  However, when the parents are not married this is not initially the case.  When a child is born to unwed parents, the mother has sole custody and the father has no rights. An unwed father must establish his rights through the court system.

For an unwed father to obtain legal rights,

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