Taxes And Your Family Law Case

It’s tax season again! So what do your taxes have to do with your family law case? Child Support & Tax Interceptions In Ohio, the Child Support Enforcement Agency has the authority to intercept a person’s tax refund for past due child support owed to any child (regardless of the child’s age). So, if you are the … Read moreTaxes And Your Family Law Case

Business Valuations in Divorce

In some divorces or dissolutions, one or both of the parties own a small business. When contemplating terminating your marriage, it may be necessary to conduct a valuation of the business to determine its worth or prepare for sale. This post will provide a brief overview of considerations in such circumstances.

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The Military & Your Family Law Case

Family law issues can be made more complex when one or both parties are a member of the military.  Due to special laws and considerations, you will want to consult an attorney experienced in military cases. Each branch of the armed forces has special regulations regarding the minimum financial responsibility to a service member’s spouse … Read moreThe Military & Your Family Law Case

Finding the Best Attorney for YOU

At Wood & Long, LLC our exclusive focus on family law gives us the necessary knowledge and experience to assist you with your family law issue. However, while finding a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is vital, there are several other important factors to consider when finding the best attorney to assist you with your family law issue. There are three major factors we recommend you consider when choosing the right attorney for you.

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The Importance of Clarity

Your Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement, which outlines how property from the marital estate is to be divided should be written in clear, concise, and precise language. The importance of clarity and precision cannot be understated. All too often, the parties have a different interpretation of the same sentence. This can lead to additional litigation and attorney fees when the parties start to dispute the language used.

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Divorce vs Dissolution

We are often asked what the difference is between a divorce and a dissolution. Both are a legal process to terminate a marriage. Both processes require the parties to disclose and divide all property and debts and set forth spousal support obligations. If the parties have children, both processes also require the parties to allocate parental rights and responsibilities and set child support. After all is said and done, both are orders of the court that can later be modified or enforced.

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