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A dissolution is an agreed upon termination of the marriage. Our attorneys have been handling dissolutions successfully for clients for several years. We are equipped to help you navigate the entire process of coming to an agreement with your spouse. To resolve all issues relating to property and assets, you will need a Separation Agreement. This legally binding document divides all the assets and debts dissolution attorney columbus ohioaccumulated by either spouse, whether marital or separate in nature. If you and your spouse have children, we will also work with you to conceptualize the right fit for your children in terms of custody, parenting time, and child support. This may be in the form of a Shared Parenting Plan or it may be an allocation of custody in the Separation Agreement. Once an agreement on all issues is made, your dissolution can be filed with the Court.

What is the difference between a divorce and a dissolution?

One difference is the absence of “fault” in a dissolution proceeding. There is no need to cite one of the grounds for divorce when couples file for a dissolution.¬†Another difference is that the parties are able to resolve all issues pertaining to their separation without the assistance of the Court. Parties who have agreed or will be able to agree as to how to divide their property, how to allocate financial accounts and debts, whether spousal support and child support are exchanged, who will have custody, and how to divide parenting time should use a dissolution proceeding. Dissolutions are the most cost- and time-effective way to end your marriage.

Of course, your case may start as a divorce and end as a dissolution or vice versa. You may start the process in the hopes of coming to an agreement but discover you are unable to find any common ground upon which to settle. Or you may file a divorce and later come to an agreement with your spouse on all issues, in which case you can submit your agreement to the court without the need for a trial.

Is a dissolution only for couples without children?

This is a common misconception. Though dissolution is more commonly used by couples without children, having children is not a barrier to using the process. If you and your spouse can communicate and compromise, your attorneys can help lead you to a fully negotiated settlement.

We have a lot of property. Will that make a dissolution unworkable?

Having a high net worth or complicated assets will not prevent you from using a dissolution. The process of untangling your affairs would be the same with or without the Court’s intervention. What is more important is the cooperation of the parties and attorneys involved. A dissolution can be successfully negotiated no matter what the nature of your marital estate looks like.

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