Parenting Seminar: Putting the Family First

divorce dissolution custody children legal separation parenting seminarIt’s A Requirement

Franklin County’s local rules require parents in a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation proceeding to attend  Putting the Children First.  Typically, parents must complete this parenting seminar within 45 days of filing with the Court.  The course can be taken in person or on-line.  You can register at:

Putting the Children First is a two hour parenting seminar focused on helping parents who are ending their marriage.  The seminar seeks to provide insight on how divorce, dissolution, or legal separation can impact children and how parents can work to minimize that impact.  It is important for parents to keep children out of the middle and work together as much as possible to reduce the stress experienced and witnessed by their children. A brochure with further information can be found at:

Establishing a support system is vital in this difficult time and this seminar seeks to help and support parents.  Our attorneys also understand the importance of maintaining a focus on the best interest of the children. We invite you to contact us at (614) 567-3031 if you are going through a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss how we can work together to get through this difficult time.